Sunday, March 17, 2013

san francisco

our spring break trip mostly in photos :)

Thursday late-night with a short flight is totally the way to fly. 
Salt Lake City to Oakland on a nearly empty flight!
P.S. I really love Southwest. 
Watch it because I might get on my soapbox and tell you all the reasons to fly SWA :)

We celebrated my nephew Tor's 13th birthday at Boomers. 
I think it was the best behaved group of 13 year-old boys I've ever been around! 
They had fun with the Go-Carts and Laser Tag, we had fun with Ski-Ball :)

AKA: The "Full House" House
(remind me to tell you about the time my bff's parents surprised us with a trip to 
Sea World for a Q&A sesh with Mary Kate and Ashley) 

My nephews Trev, D and Tor
gorgeous, right?

Everyone, wave to Chad!
While I was hanging out with half of the family at Pier 39, 
Chad toured Alcatraz with his dad and brother. 
(don't worry, I've totally been before and its awesome)
When the guys were heading back and I was able to snap a pic 
of my new bird friend and get Chad's boat in the background! 

Of course we had to cruise down Lombard Street. 

My little nephew Dill was enough entertainment for us!

We rode Bart into San Francisco. 
(we were staying with awesome family in Walnut Creek)
Don't let Dill's expression fool you, he was having a blast!

First time riding the cable cars!
(last time they ticket booth closed right as we were going to get tickets)
I never realized they turn those suckers by hand! 

Gorgeous views from the cable car ride down to Ghirardelli Square. 

Chad and I shared a yummy chocolate chip cookie sundae at Ghirardelli!
Their sundaes are the best sundaes $9 can buy :)

We had such an awesome trip with such awesome family!
Always hard to leave. 

P.S. We've had a blast the last couple of San Fran trips hitting up all of the must-see tourist spots. 
But for future planning, where are the coolest places all the locals love?
Let me know where we must go on our next trip to San Francisco!

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